Our Mantra

Serve up yummylicious cakes that are accessible to all and affordable by all.

The Cream & Custard Story

Cream & Custard’s resident baker, Melissa, began her pastry-making adventures at the age of nine. She started with homebaked brownies before moving on to higher order recipes supplied by her aunt, who had received training at Cordon Bleu. In her youth, Melissa could be spotted at church events, flea markets and funfairs, happily hawking her homebaked goods.

Determined to hone her pastry-making skills, Melissa enrolled in culinary school before she was hired by The Pattisier on Mohamed Sultan Rd. There, Melissa learnt the intricacies of cake-making and in her second year, was appointed head of the section for customised cupcakes.

Melissa’s baking philosophy is simple. She believes cake eaters are able to ‘taste’ the effort and love put into crafting a slice of cake. As such, she bakes only from the heart.

Cream & Custard Story

Melissa’s cake creations are largely inspired by her travels to various parts of the world. During her visit to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London for example, she came to appreciate how the use of visual effects could enhance one’s dining experience. This prompted Melissa to come up with her most recent creation, The Black Ball.

The Black Ball is a sphere packed full of passionfruit curd and chocolate, layered intermittently with crumble, and covered with a chocolate shell.”
Chocolate Ball

Tucking into The Black Ball involves pouring hot chocolate sauce onto the shell, which will then melt before one’s eyes to unveil the goodness that lies beneath.

Our Cakes

How We Bake

We believe that the best cakes need to be made with top-quality ingredients. To this end, we have scoured the region and beyond for the best – we use Valrhona dark chocolate féves, President full-fat cream and 100 percent pure fruit puree. Our cakes are baked fresh daily. We work from scratch and make our sponge and tart bases in-house. We avoid mass production and make limited quantities each day.

At Cream & Custard, our cakes are rich and smooth. We do not shy away from infusing our cakes with alcohol, berries, caramel, chocolate or cream. We weave together different flavours to offer you a unique tasting experience. Our Galaxy for example, combines the flavours of 72% dark chocolate, cherry soaked rum and blackcurrant jelly. We experiment with textures, which range from crispy hazelnut feuilletine bases to melt-in-your-mouth creme brulee centres. We present cakes that are visually appealing but not so refined as to turn away would-be customers.

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