Making everything in house from scratch allows Cream and Custard ultimate control over the quality of the ingredients used. That’s why the taste of all our cakes are always on point!

  • How do I order whole cakes?

    Text us at +65 9111 8696 with the type of cake, size of cake, date and time of collection/delivery, and the delivery address if applicable.

    We would then follow up with a confirmation message with our bank account(Standard Chartered) details for payment or a phone number for PayNow. Payment can be made through online bank transfer or PayNow. Once transferred, let us know the full name of the account holder so that we may check on our end that payment has been made.

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Mousse Cakes

  • Watermelon Strawberry Cake

    Fresh Watermelon sandwiched between rose whipped cream and crunchy yet chewy almond dacquoise, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and grapes

  • Galaxy

    72% Valronha dark chocolate mousse and chocolate cake with a rum soaked cherry and blackcurrent jelly center just tart enough to cut through the richness of the chocolate

  • Lychee Rose

    Light lychee mousse between layers of moist rose sponge, glazed is sweet glaze and topped with our homemade candied rose petals

More Mousse Cakes:

    • Honey Bee

      Honey pineapple mousse, mango mousse, vanilla cake, toasted meringue

    • Affection

      Strawberry mousse, mixed berries and violet jelly, white chocolate glaze

    • Black Ball

      Dark Chocolate shell, 66% Valronha dark chocolate, passionfruit curd, crumble, served with hot chocolate sauce

    • Tiramisu

      Mascarpone cheese, vanilla cake soaked with our coffee syrup, kahlua

    • Unicorn Poop

      Apricot mousse with a peach jelly center, vanilla sponge cake and popping candy, lemon cookie base, rainbow glaze

    • Marble Cake

      Lychee mousse, raspberry jelly center, vanilla cake with an almost realistic marlble-like white chocolate glaze

    • Sweetheart

      Light coconut mousse, pinapple curd, vanilla cake, toasted coconut

    • Chocolate dream

      Dark chocolate mousse with crunchy pearls covered in dark chocolate glaze and finished off with a dreamy swirl of lavender cream

    • Raspberry Chocolate

      72% dark chocolate mousse, fresh raspberry, dark chocolate glaze, homemaderaspberry sauce

      66% & 72% valronha dark chocolate raspberry jelly, chocolate cake, dark chocolate glaze

    • Mango Sticky Rice

      Mango ginger mousse, coconut mousse, rice krispy base, fresh mango cubes

    • Sun Kissed

      Kiwi mousse, rock melon mousse, vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, melon syrup

    • Matcha Shortcake

      Layers of green tea sponge and sweet whipped cream, topped with homemade crunchy cinnamon crumble

    • Nutella Fudge

      Dark chocolate mousse and chocolate layer cake and covered with a nutella ganache


  • Lemon meringue tart

    Lemon curd, torched meringue

  • Passion Fruit Meringue Tart

    Tangy & Creamy Passion Fruit Curd with Fluffy, Scorched Marshmallow-like Meringue

  • Earl Grey Chocolate Tart

    Infused aromatic earl grey tea with Valrhona dark chocolate ganache topped with assortment of fresh berries. Makes this tart a unique combination.

More Tarts:

    • Smores

    • Nutella Obsession

      Nutella ganache, vanilla bean ice cream

Butter Cakes

Butter Cakes Flavour:

    • PB&J

      Vanilla cake, jelly core, peanut butter frosting

    • Nutella cupcakes

      Chocolate cake, nutella core, nutella frosting

    • Earl Grey Lavender

      Earl grey butter cake with lavender frosting

    • Vanilla Rose

      Vanilla base with rose frosting and rose petals

    • Peanut Butter Fudge

      Chocolate fudge sandwiched between layers of Vanilla cake, and peanut butter frosting

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  • 2 Tier

Butter Cakes Design:

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    2 Tier

Dessert Table

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